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Jim Kammerud set to direct an exciting feature animation.

(June 13, 2018) Annecy, France – Today at the Annecy International Animation Festival, Calvin Yao, Chief Executive Officer of Good Will Entertainment gathered with production partners from Sichuan Publishing Group Company, Ltd. (SPGC) and Golden Image Cultural Communication Inc. and CG Bros Entertainment Inc to announce that they are teaming up to co-produce the animated adventure “Heroes of the Golden Mask.”

Inspired by the ancient bronze masks of Sanxingdui discovered on the archaeological site of Guanghan in the Sichuan Province in the late ‘80s, Heroes of the Golden Mask will tell the story of a contemporary teenager who gets magically transported back in time to the mysterious, lost city of Sanxingdui, where he has to overcome his fears and embrace family to become one of the Heroes of the Golden Mask.

“Of all the projects I’ve been involved with, Heroes of the Golden Mask holds a very special place because it combines both reality and fantasy,” stated Calvin Yao, CEO of Good Will Entertainment. “When you see these wonderful artifacts that were created so long ago, you can only be stunned and full of amazement. I can’t wait to share this story with the world.”

Director Jim Kammerud is co-writing the script with screenwriter Brian Smith, a longtime collaborator whom he previously teamed up with on several critical and commercial successes for Disney, including Tarzan II and the Annie Award-nominated 101 Dalmatians II. Carolyn Bates (credits) will serve as producer, with Gordon McGhie, Chief Executive Officer, Troy Taylor, Chief Operations Officer of CG Bros Entertainment Inc., will serve as Executive Producers.

“The Sanxingdui masks already have so much personality—they can look mysterious, silly, threatening, or heroic,” said director Jim Kammerud. “It’s amazing to think that over 5,000 years ago, these ancient artists and their creations would inspire us to gather hundreds of artists working today to create something completely new and wonderful.”

“When looking for a team to bring to life a story based on the stunning mask artifacts of Sanxingdui, we needed people who understand the power the Masks hold and would also be able to embrace the cultural significance of a film like this. We have that team.” added executive producer Gordon McGhie.

In an effort to share these cultural treasures with a global audience, the Sanxingdui Museum are also planning an international museum tour of the Golden Masks over the next year starting with the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Italy in December.


Jim Kammerud has worked in animation for 30 years as a director, screenwriter, story artist on 2D and CG animated features, direct-to-video and television. In his 20s, Jim and his friends formed Character Builders, an animation studio in Columbus, Ohio with a reputation for high quality animation. Jim’s contributions there include directing Little Mermaid II; co-directing, co-writing 101 Dalmatians II; co-writing, co-producing Tarzan II; and acting as a storyboard artist, animator or character designer on many movies and TV series. Jim directed Fox and the Hound 2, was head of story on The Peanuts Movie and storyboarded on such films as The Secret Life of Pets, Rio 2, Epic, and The Lego Ninjago Movie. Jim’s strengths as a director are complemented by his varied experience in story and screenwriting.


Sichuan Publishing Group Company, Ltd. (SCPG) and Golden Image Cultural Communication Inc. joined together in 2017 to form Good Will Entertainment. SCPG is a state-owned, large-scale cultural enterprise under the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and the provincial SASAC.


CG Bros Entertainment Inc. is a studio deeply involved in building relationships and genuine partnerships in China. They have focused on developing co-productions with culturally significant and relevant stories that come to life on film for both an International audience and Chinese markets. Based in both British Columbia, Canada, Nanjing and Chengdu, China they take pride in bringing together the best and brightest talents in the industry. Having worked on funding and production for animation, dramatic features, documentaries and televisions series this is another exciting project they lend their strengths too.